Lessons from Yoga: How to Handle Flakey People

how to handle flakey people
how to handle flakey people

I don’t get “flakes” – the people who kind of float through life, oblivious to deadlines, commitments, or schedules.

As a go-getter, following through and delivering on what I said I was going to do is a big priority for me.

Lately, I’ve encountered a solid handful of flakey people (or non-flakey people doing flakey things)… a few years ago, this would be enough to make my blood boil and push me into a stressed out frenzy. 

But, now, after years of cultivating a personal yoga practice, I’m able to look at these situations more objectively and use the foundations of yoga philosophy to approach the situations and people involved in a more considerate way.

Here are 3 yoga takeaways that teach us how to handle flakey people.


Yes, things need to get done.  But do they really need to get done exactly how you expect them to?  Can there be another way to meet the same objectives while allowing others to have the freedom to do things in the way that comes most naturally to them?

Accept that you do not always need to be in control.

Affirmation: I relinquish control and know that everything will turn out alright.


Obviously, if lack of follow-through gets under your skin, you’re pretty strong in the discipline department.  But, there’s another side to this as well.  How can you be disciplined in your response to other people?  How can you approach them with compassion?  And, going a step further, how can you leverage this opportunity as a chance to flex your leadership and mentorship muscles?

Affirmation: I approach others with compassion and aim to help and support them in the best way possible.


Most often, the things that bother us about other people have absolutely nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with our own fears and limitations.  Use your initial response as an opportunity to get introspective and explore what is at the root of your response.  What is the absolute, unchanging truth in your response?  Are you fearful of being viewed as irresponsible or selfish?  Are you angry that you are always the one to pick up the slack?  Are you nervous about being blamed for failed deadlines or blown budgets? 

Use this as an opportunity to approach YOURSELF with compassion and to allow your deep-rooted fears to come to the surface. 

Affirmation: I accept myself exactly as I am.

Lastly I’ll leave you with this:

Let it go. 

In the grand scheme of things, is it really that important?  Probably not.