Six Tips for Creating a Fit Lifestyle

Wedding season and summer are just a few months away… it’s the time of year when I find women are scrambling to fit into that dress or cute little bikini.  The truth is, though, that if we start to look at fitness as a lifestyle choice, and not as a seasonal to-do, we won’t find ourselves struggling every spring.  Here are six tips to finding your fitness mojo and creating a fit lifestyle.

1. Small Goals = Big Rewards

I’ve seen it often… people set big, lofty goals for themselves and then get discouraged and derailed when they don’t see the progress they want.  For weight loss, shoot for no more than 1-2 pounds per week.  Or, better yet, set a goal to workout a certain number of times per week.  With each win, set the bar just a little higher.

 2. Start Before You’re Ready

You’ll never be “ready” to workout.  You won’t “have more time after [you] finish [your] current big project”.  It’s unlikely you’ll “have more free time next month”.  Start now, don’t wait!   (Bonus tip: If you have trouble finding time to workout, SCHEDULE your workouts ahead of time.)

3. Find an Activity You Like

If the idea of running makes you cringe, don’t do it!  No one says you have to be a runner!  Pick something that you love.  If you like dancing, check out Zumba or maybe even a cardio kickboxing class.  If you really need to relax and de-stress, try yoga.  If you crave variety and love a challenge, try a Bootcamp or Crossfit class.

4. Create Accountability

Let’s be serious, staying accountable to yourself is tough.  Join a training team, an online fitness group, or leverage social media to stay accountable and on track with your fitness goals.   I am running 30-day fitness challenge groups through Facebook – email me to get started with one.

 5. Track Your Progress

Knowing where you started and how you’re progressing is a huge motivator.  The engineer in me strongly believes that data tells the story, so be sure to take before and after photos (front, back, and side) and measurements (arms, chest, waist, hips, and thighs) and weigh-in weekly or monthly (ideally the same day and time).

 6. Celebrate Success

Celebrate each fitness win… but don’t use food as a reward.  Whether its weight loss, developing a consistent schedule, or finishing a big race, reward yourself for a job well done.  Splurge on some fun new workout clothes, get a massage, or relax in a soothing Epsom salt bath.

What’s been the biggest help for you in creating a fit lifestyle?  If you haven’t been successful yet, what tip above will you start with?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.