She Got Laid Off (and she feels AMAZING!)

And, she rejoiced.  A weight had lifted.

Last night I got a surprise message from one of the first clients to work through my signature coaching program (click for program details).  I want to share her story… (it’s powerful!)


From our first session together, it was clear she had a problem: HER JOB.

She felt like she was drowning in negativity, struggling with the “doom and gloom” mentality of her manager, which was contagious and would land her anywhere from in a funk to total bitch mode.  She dreaded her long commute, which left her out of the house and away from her family too many hours of the day.  She danced the line between being inspired by work opportunities and frustrated that, in her current role and position, she could only do so much.  She hated that she was immobilized by corporate politics.

She KNEW that her job was the source of the majority of the stress in her life.  And, not only was it following her around like a little black raincloud and keeping her from being the mother and wife she wanted to be, but it was also taking a toll on her body.

Even with what she knew to be true at the deepest level, she still felt STUCK.  But, she couldn’t leave and she used every excuse in the book to justify it to me.

-She’d been there for most of her career and she wasn’t sure what she’d do somewhere else

-Her family was thinking of trying for another baby next year and she needed the benefits and maternity leave

-Financially speaking, she needed to work; her family needed her income.  And she didn’t have the time or energy to look for something new.

As a coach, I try to remain objective, but I could hear in her voice what a strain this job was on her.  I wanted her to leave.

During our work together, I poked and prodded: “What would it look like if you didn’t work there anymore?”, “What do you see yourself doing next?”, “What do you get really excited about doing?”… but she wouldn’t budge. 

She wasn’t leaving.  She wasn’t ready.

So, we moved on.  We worked on her mindset, her communication, her stress management, and set-up some simple routines and health hacks to keep her feeling GOOD, even if she wasn’t where she wanted to be from 9-5 every day.

In many ways, she was a dream client.  She was open to change, to learning, to growing, and she always completed the action items we set between sessions.  Even without leaving her job, there was a noticeable change in how she approached people and situations in her life and even in how she approached herself.  By the end of our sessions, she SOUNDED like a different person – happy, light, and focused.

For me, it was a powerful testament to the power of coaching.  For her, it set her on a new path.


Four months have passed and last night I got a message from her:

So, we talked a lot about how my job was a major obstacle in my life…well, it is no longer there. I am officially unemployed… I got laid off but got a nice severance package… think I’m going to take some time off and stay home. I definitely need to find something that makes me happy and is meaningful… I feel amazing.


Now, I won’t be ballsy enough to claim responsibility for her lay off, but there is NO DOUBT in my mind that this is the direct result of our work together

In just 6 weeks, she found clarity around her values and her drive.  She got clear on what wasn’t working for her anymore.  More than anything, she learned to listen to her intuition, to be receptive to her own needs, and to be open to change.  She transformed into a different person before my eyes! 

I 100% believe that she got laid off with a sweet severance, because SHE decided she was ready to leave.  And, now, she has a clean slate to start the next chapter of her story.

There’s something else I want you to know… if, like she did, you feel stuck, it is in your control to make a change.

How do I know this? 

Because I did it, too!  And know it’s my MISSION to help women get clarity on what truly lights them up, to give them the confidence to open up to the possibility for change, and to learn to care for their bodies and minds in the process.  My signature program is a boiled down version of my own 5 year journey to finding true happiness and purpose-driven work.  It’s designed to help you create change, and fast.

If you look into the future and think, “Next year I DO NOT want to be in the same place I am right now”, this is your chance to raise your hand and get the support you need to uplevel your life (click for program details).

I’m here and ready for you.  Are you ready for me?