Chill the F Out

I’ve spent so many Decembers wrapping up year-long projects, hustling to meet last minute deadlines, and frantically searching for perfect holiday gifts.

This year I’ve decided to do something different: I’m chilling the F out.

This has been a benchmark year for me in a lot of ways: I’ve taken my coaching to the next level, I left a depleting job for greener pastures, I’ve traveled for work and pleasure – enjoying days on the beach and fresh seafood in the Caribbean, training with a variety of leaders from Chalene Johnson to Darren Hardy, and savoring tacos and great conversation in Texas, and I downsized my living space to live a bigger life outside of my home in 2015.

There’s still SO much I want to do – not just this year, but today, RIGHT NOW. <--That’s the type-A overachiever in me. 

But I know all too well the damage that GOING, GOING, GOING can leave in its wake.  So, instead, I’m opting to round out an excellent 2014 with some restoration and reflection.  Here’s what I’m committing to for the remainder of 2014:

1.       Sleeping In

I spent a large part of this year up by 5:30 am and hustling until late into the evening – I had work to do and it was invigorating and exciting, but I’m ready to recoup and restore.  For the rest of December, you’ll find me snoozing a little more and being governed by my alarm a little less.

2.       Journaling

I know I have important work to do in 2015 – but the most important thing for me is doing more work that aligns with my passions: teaching, writing, coaching, and strategizing.  Through the end of the year, I’ll be exploring some unique ways to tap into my strengths and desires.

3.       Unplugging & Connecting

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little disenfranchised with social media and I’ve been drawn to connect more fully in person.  In December (and throughout 2015): Less phone time; more face time.

Instead of opting in to the hustle and bustle, I’m choosing ease and grace.

Instead of chasing finished projects, I’m pursuing freedom and authenticity in my work.

Instead of remaining totally plugged in, I’m unplugging to connect face to face.

Instead of pushing hard to the end, I’m riding the wave into the shore.

Won’t you join me?  What’s your focus for the rest of the year?