How to Create Sacred Space & Time

create sacred space
create sacred space

Life can be so hectic and overwhelming sometimes that it can be easy to lose ourselves in the shuffle.  Too often you’re feeling like there just aren’t enough hours in the day and you’re desperately craving an escape from it all.

But, instead of escaping to hide from the stress and chaos of the day-to-day, “mindfully escaping” on the daily – by creating sacred space & time – allows us to restore ourselves on a deeper level, even in the midst of our busy, noisy world.

You can start creating sacred space & time by following these easy steps:

1. Decide what "sacred" means to you. 

What is it that you hope to accomplish during this time?  Do you need want to quiet your mind, release the stress of your day, or feel inspired?

For me, my “sacred” time is about feeling grounded, clear (mentally, physically, and emotionally), and inspired. What feelings do you want to cultivate during this time?

2. Transform feeling into action. 

Once you've identified how you want to feel, identify what you can DO to feel that way.  It might be meditation, going for a run or a walk outside, practicing some yoga poses, some inspired reading, or simply enjoying a moment of silence.

My advice: Keep it simple.  This shouldn’t feel like just another thing that you have to do.  It should be something that you want to do.

3. Create a routine. 

We are natural creatures of habit and innately crave structure.  By squeezing your sacred space into your daily routine, it’s more likely to become a habit.  Plus, you’re sending a strong signal to yourself that YOU are a top priority.  First thing in the morning or just before bed (the “bookends” of your day) are great times to create some structure with a routine.

4. Have a contingency plan.

There are hidden moments in each day, no matter how busy we might feel.  Whether it’s on your subway commute, a few quiet moments during lunch, your daily walk to Starbucks for an afternoon latte, or the 2 minutes you spend collecting yourself before walking in the door each night, you can leverage these seemingly insignificant moments into powerful “sacred” connections.

Not every day looks the same as the last, or necessarily how we want it to, and that’s OK.  When things get hectic, be mindful of utilizing these hidden spaces and times to cultivate your sacred space. 

How will you create sacred space & time in your life?