I was at a crossroads and was struggling to find support professionally and personally. Stephanie helped me to analyze, acknowledge and take action on how toxic my work environment was. My former self would have kept plowing along & not admitted that things needed to change. The toxicity was bleeding into my life and I have finally been able to make a solid effort to reduce it and create some real balance.

Stephanie is relatable and is not afraid to make the sessions personal. Stephanie understood me, she connected with me, and she was there to guide me. 

-Julia K., Manager, Gnotobiotics and Specialized Services

Stephanie does a great job of putting situations into perspective—she’s able to clarify what the actual situation is and compare it to other situations so you can see how they relate. Having this new perspective, I’ve been able to change my attitude and reactions to certain things—I’m now in control and don’t allow others dictate how I feel in a particular situation—and it feels great to be in this position, like a weight has been lifted off of me.

Stephanie listens well and accepts you for who you are. She’s open minded, makes no judgment, offers the best guidance, and the goals she helps you set are totally doable if you’re willing to change.

 - Caitlin T., Director of Operations


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Before working with Stephanie, I was struggling to find time to do things in my personal life and struggling to feel positive. I needed to work out a schedule that focused on my hobbies and interests and needed to be mindful about being more positive and grateful. And that’s exactly what Stephanie helped me find and achieve.

Stephanie is positive and realistic, gives you achievable goals, listens, and is always there to offer guidance. She also offers lots of great tips and has helped me see the bigger picture and how it all fits together. I love the accountability and customized approach she gives, and I now know that I can do the things I want to do.

- Sarah B., Environmental Engineer

Stephanie has picked exactly the right career for herself – she’s really good at this! She provides great information and motivates and holds people accountable. Stephanie is easy to open up to and give full disclosure. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t preach; she offers options for solutions. Let’s face it, finding balance, working on improving your life, getting healthy – not always easy topics to cover – but Stephanie makes them really easy.

- Julie T., Sr. Project Consultant


Working with Stephanie really helped me keep health and fitness as a priority. I’m a busy professional – who is also planning her wedding – and Stephanie helped keep me motivated to work out. I went from not working out at all to 4 days a week and felt great without pressure.

- Anne G., Public Relations

Before working with Stephanie, I was very frustrated because I had so many things I wanted to do that it was overwhelming. My greatest challenge was letting fear hold me back from accomplishing everything that I wanted, but coaching allowed me to set goals and map out ways to reach them instead of floundering.

Stephanie's position as an outside, detached, yet encouraging and dependable resource was incredibly valuable in holding me accountable, while still allowing some leeway for things that were difficult.  The greatest reward has been learning that I can change a lot more than I thought I could!

-Emily H., Non-Fiction Editor

Before working with Stephanie, I had devolved into a person that I almost didn't recognize. Four years out of college I had worked myself into a pulp trying to put out the best product, please the most people, and learn as much as I could to progress within my career. I basically ignored my transition into adulthood and cast my health (both physical and mental) aside for the pursuit of career advancement, money, financial stability, and greatness.

Stephanie made me feel better about myself in just a few sessions and it gave my self-confidence a push in the positive direction at a time when I really needed it. I found Stephanie very easy to talk to and relate to. She seemed to understand where I was in life and could often summarize my thoughts and feelings better than I could.

I really enjoyed Stephanie’s focus on being a successful professional woman. While inequalities may not always be stereotypical or obvious, it is SO different being a woman in the workplace. I liked knowing that I wasn't alone on my quest to kick life's ass while being a woman.

While I'm still working on myself (health and otherwise), my time spent with Stephanie introduced me to a fundamentally different way to think about my life and how I approach it. I've given myself permission to go slow on my road to self-empowerment and that in itself gives me a lot of satisfaction.

-Samantha S., Environmental Engineer

After losing my son, I felt lost. I had left my career years before to focus on my son, so having lost him, I had lost my purpose as well. Stephanie's coaching helped me to turn that focus to myself.

How do I care for myself?

Allowing myself to intentionally consider many aspects of my life helped me focus and feel more proactive. Taking time to meditate, exercise, and eat right, coupled with tools that helped focus on a useful career search was a great experience for me. I can continue to use many of these tools in my day-to-day life and in my current job. Thanks for your dedication to help me live a healthier life, Stephanie!

-Joanne T., Manager, Implementation Solutions

During our first session, Stephanie helped me clearly define my dreams in the areas of career, health, relationships, and spirituality.  This helped me focus on what I really wanted and how I would feel once I accomplished these dreams. From there, we worked toward reasonable, realistic goals that kept my dreams in focus.

The most valuable component I gained from sessions with Steph was to not only create a balance in life but also maintain a quality of life. Stephanie's approach of helping me find my own answers showed me that I am in control of visualizing and striving toward my ideal life. Through it all, she was always my advocate.

-Heather A., Advertising Sales Coordinator

You can always tell who the strong women are.
They are the ones you see building one another up,
not tearing each other down.
— Anonymous