Have you heard of the Vacuum Law?

The Vacuum Law

The Vacuum Law states that you have to make room in your life for the new by getting rid of the old.  Whenever a space is cleared, the Universe rushes to fill that space.

Sounds simple, right?

But it can be surprisingly hard. 

Let's do a little digging... what've you got hanging around?

Are those 14 ["you can totally where this again!"] bridesmaids dresses hanging in your closet?

And, wait, is that a box of your favorite stuffed animals (from when you were 7)?

And some jewelry or - gasp - a MIX TAPE from an ex-boyfriend?  (How the hell are you even going to listen to that tape, aside from taking a time machine back to 1995?)

That pair of shoes you wore exactly ONCE; you know, the ones that aren't even remotely comfortable, but that you MIGHT wear again someday?

Jeez, it's kinda creepy... it's like I'm IN your house.  (I'm not – scouts honor!)

It's not just THINGS that we're all holding on to. What about:

A "comfortable" relationship with a guy you're just not that into?  (yep, that works BOTH ways!)

Feeling like the odd-[wo]man-out when friends and family just don't "get" you?

Negative thoughts about your "lazy" coworkers or "unsupportive" boss?

Seemingly never-ending piles of money owed to Sallie Mae (and a maxed out credit card that paid for all those bridesmaid’s dresses)?

Coulda-woulda-shoulda's from your past (all those things you wish you'd done)?

The list goes on and on… but I think you get the drift.

The Challenge

I'm fully invested in kicking some ass in 2014 - what about you? 

create space
create space

In preparation for all the things you want to bring into your life, I challenge you to create a totally suck-tastic vacuum and let something go.

Big or small - let it loose and see what comes back.  Share your liberation in the comments.