What to do with ALL THAT TURKEY?

Tired of the post-Thanksgiving obligatory turkey sandwiches and piles and piles of mashed potatoes? I rounded up some of the yummiest, most fun Thanksgiving leftover recipes on the internet.  

There is so much WINNING with this "recipe" - granted it's not a step by step guide, but it's a great inspiration.  Imagine, all your favorite Thanksgiving fixings wrapped up in a nice, warm burrito.  You can also take a tip from my favorite veggie burrito recipe and bake the burritos for a nice crispy touch.

I WANT THESE SWEET POTATO WAFFLES RIGHT NOW.  They are absolutely mouth-watering and I love the versatility in the ingredients - no dairy?  No problem!  Gluten free?  Got you covered!

I love the idea of sweet potato "buns" for this fun Paleo Turkey Sandwich recipe, and you know me, I'm pretty much sold on anything with brussels sprouts.  

This Israeli cous cous salad is something I'd make even without leftover turkey.  My stomach is growling just reading the recipe:

I was first introduced to tostadas just about a year ago... they're a bit tough to eat, but oh so yummy!  Check out this simple turkey tostada recipe.  You could even sub a fresh tomato for the canned ones here and eat this cold, majorly cutting down and the cooking time.  (PS- PLEASE ditch the canola oil!

There are few things easier than a stir-fry and the Asian-flare will have your leftovers feeling brand new.  Use whatever veggies you've got on hand for this one - you really can't lose.

For an interesting twist on a frittata, try this recipe for a Banger's and Mash style baked egg casserole. Happy THANKSGIVING, ya'll!