Can’t seem to relax? Here’s what to do.

how to relax
how to relax

Do you ever feel like you’re just moving from one thing to the next?  Have 8 billion things going on all at once?  And yet, you’re always left with something else looming in the back of your mind?

Trust me:  You are not alone. 

As women, we’re natural caregivers.  It’s our nature to want to support everyone – both in work and in life.  So often, we’re taking on more than we can handle at work while trying to manage a household, too.  The end result is overwhelm, a running to-do list, and a restless mind.

This behavior is so deeply ingrained in us that it impacts everything we do.  But that doesn’t mean that a few simple shifts can’t add up to a massive change in our actions and beliefs.

Here are 3 subtle shifts you can make to release the overwhelm and create more space and learn how to relax your mind:

1. Do a Brain Dump

That running to-do list can be totally overwhelming.  Don’t get bogged down by the little stuff!  My strategy?  Get it out of my head and on paper for less stress and more ease.  Incorporate a 5 minute brain dump into your schedule on a regular basis and add to the list whenever you’re feeling uneasy.

2. Schedule Play Time

I know adding something else to do your to-do list might some counterintuitive, but stick with me here.  You are way more likely to make something a priority if it’s written down and scheduled.  If you want to create more time and space to kick back and relax, start by putting it in your calendar.  If this seems overwhelming, start with just a regularly scheduled hour once a week and gradually increase your commitment until you get to a place that feels good.

3. Tune in To the Quiet

“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet.  It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there – buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person has every day.” –Deepak Chopra

Shutting off your mind is a skill cultivated with time and practice.  Start by finding just 5-minutes a day of quiet time and plug in to a guided mediation app.  My favorite?  The Simply Being app (for iPhone and Android) – you can set your preferred time and background noise… then just find a comfy seat and enjoy your zen.

Now, I want to hear from you.  Do you have any special strategies you use to relax and unwind when your mind won’t stop and your to-do list just keeps growing?