(for Type As) Relaxation is a PRACTICE

Relaxation is NOT my natural state.


I hate sitting still.  My to-do list is always a mile long.  I say yes too easily.  I'm chronically overcommitted (because I really do want to see, do and BE it all).  I'm always thinking about the NEXT thing... the next social play date, the next house project, the next work project, the next time I'll make it to the gym.


Slowing down is counter-intuitive to my brain's normal overdrive function, but my body has taught me (time and time again) that it's essential to my success.  


THIS is the true balancing act in my life.  


My guess is that it's yours, too, whether you realize it or not.  


For so long, I thought I was "relaxing", but really I was crashing.  I was exhausted, practically immobile, and unmotivated.  THAT is not relaxation.  Crashing does nothing to restore you and "fill up your tank".   


Relaxation is a practice.  It takes work.  It takes patience.  It takes consistency.  It takes diligence.  And, it doesn't come easy, but it makes everything else EASIER.


Here are some of my favorite ways to relax (the real deal... not just the stuff a health coach should say):

  1. Blowing off my to-do's for an evening of beer and nachos with my husband
  2. Escaping the office for a quick walk
  3. My new favorite thing about Wednesday: Whine About It
  4. Lifting weights (and sometimes yelling and cursing about it)
  5. Snuggle time with my cat-dog, Cat Benatar, when she's cool enough to hang with me
  6. Getting immersed in a thriller (I'm currently reading Silent Scream)
  7. Escaping to Starbucks or my corner coffee shop for a green tea latte and a blueberry scone
  8. Jammin' out to the Motown or Ziggy Stardust station on Pandora
  9. Spending a lazy day on the beach (my happy place!)
  10. Ordering way too much food at brunch and coming home to take a nap!


I'd love to hear from you - Do you know the difference between relaxing and crashing? What do you do to relax?