5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

If you’ve read my story, or ever talked to some of my friends and family, you’ll know the one thing I happen to be really good at is changing jobs (check out my job history here).  It’s not that I’m restless… it’s just that I don’t believe in being unhappy.  If you are not happy, there is an opportunity to make changes. Now, I’m not saying to go out and quit your job tomorrow (although wouldn’t that be nice!) or that corporate jobs are BAD, BAD, BAD (they’re not – I have one that’s just fine).  What I am saying is that if any one of these 5 signs you should leave your job resonates with you, it’s time to reevaluate your career and to make a plan to move forward.

1. You dread going to work everyday

This is a no brainer.  Sure, all of us have days where we’re just not feeling our jobs… but when those days turn into EVERY DAY, it’s time to move on.  Do you dread getting up every morning knowing where you’re headed?  Do you show up later and later all the time?  It’s time, friend.

2. Your heart’s not in it

Having a career that you love – one that challenges, pushes, and inspires you – is a major part of living your best life.  If you work a 40-hour work week, you’re spending 35% of your waking hours each week at work (not counting any commuting time or extra hours).  Don’t you want to spend that 35% of your time doing something you love?

3. You feel taken advantage of

Someone once said to me, “You set the expectations people have for you within your first few weeks at a job.”  If you’re dedicated and hardworking, I’m positive you let that shine through during those opening months, but many times that means you’re the go-to person, putting in long hours, saying “yes” too often, doing whatever you can to make it work.  What happens when you decide you need balance? 

In my experience, I’ve found that it is very hard to change those perceptions after they’ve been established and reinforced by your actions.  You’re stuck in that role as if your feet are stuck in cement blocks.  And often, there are negative repercussions to scaling back – you may be viewed as lazy or not-committed, even though you’ve gone above and beyond for a long time.  Often, it’s just easier to start over and set the expectations from the start.

4. You want to develop new skillsets

As I mentioned before, your work should challenge you and I believe you should always be presented with opportunities to grow professionally.  It’s also becoming more and more valued to have a varied skillset, as technology and management direction can sometimes change on a dime.  If your job isn’t creating growth opportunities for you, it’s time to move on. Sidenote: Sure, you could do this on your own, as well, but your company will directly benefit from your growth, so shouldn’t they shoulder some of the burden as well?

Even if you don’t necessarily want to grow and be challenged, there’s also something to be said for doing the same job at different companies.  Different processes, different cultures, different people all contribute to a completely different experience, one with its own set of unique challenges.

5. You find yourself continually saying, “I’ll leave this job when…”

This is something I keep hearing from friends.  All different friends, in all different industries (but all women).  Most often the when is “when I have kids” but I’ve also heard “when I finish this project”, “when I get through this month”, and “when my husband earns more money”, amongst others. 

Women are more likely to stay in a job longer than men, even when it’s clearly time to move on.  I have to ask, what are we waiting for?  Are we really okay with being unhappy until that when scenario actually happens, IF it happens?  Why not take action now and do something that makes us happy, even if it’s only for a short while?


If while you were reading this you thought, “Yes… this is totally me, but I’m scared to move”, you’re in the right place.  Changing isn’t easy, whether it’s a job, a bad habit, or sometimes even just out of your pajamas. 

If you’re nervous or scared, that’s what I’m here for and one of the main reasons that I created my Lifestyle Design coaching.  I’ve been through this process [several times] and am finally in the right place.  I’m here to share everything I’ve learned and walk you through this process step by step so you come out on top.