3 Questions to Ask to Help You Get More Done

"I'm a hustler, baby.  I just want you to know." - Jay-Z

It's true... I'm a hustler.  I love DOING.  Accomplishment is MY JAM.  I am that person who puts things on her to do list just to cross them off.  


But after burning out and spending MONTHS coming home from work unable to do anything but crash on the couch, watch TV, drink wine, and order take-out, I've learned that you have to match your hustle with equal parts of ease.

Yes - I think there are things in life (LOTS OF THINGS IN FACT) that should be easy.  Darling, life isn't supposed to be hard.  For real.

Here are 3 questions I want you to ask yourself that will help you get more done AND create more ease at the same time... unbelievable right?!?!?


1. What really needs to get done to make my life run smoothly?

If you're an achievement junkie, you can easily get wrapped up in doing more and more and more.  What you REALLY need to do is pare that list down and identify the critical things that need to happen on any given day. I call this my Daily Top 3...  a maximum of 3 things that - do or die - MUST get done before I go to bed at night.  

What are the 3 things you need to get done today?


2. Who can I ask for help OR what can I outsource?

Sweeping generalization alert: WOMEN SUCK AT ASKING FOR HELP.  We think we have to do it all and that asking for help is a sign of weakness.  

Ladies - cut that shit out!  It's backwards thinking and it's leading you toward overwhelm and away from ease.

Recognizing that you can't do it all and that there are people (whether it's friends and family or an official paid-for service) to help you make your life run smoother is the GREATEST GIFT TO PRODUCTIVITY, EVER.  PERIOD.  THE END.

What can you ask for help with this week?  Can you hand off your kids to a friend for an afternoon?  Or hire a handy man to finally fix the leaky faucet that's driving you nuts?  Or spend a few extra bucks to get your groceries delivered?


3. What can I do to START with FUN?

If you listen to most time management experts, they'll tell you to "eat the frog"... to do the thing you least want to do first.  I'll admit, it's a pretty powerful way to combat procrastination, but I've found something that (for me) works even better.

I start with FUN.  I start with the thing I will enjoy the most.  Why?  Why the hell not??  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and Jane a dull girl!).

Here's an example: last week I had a handful of high priority projects I need to wrap up, but they were a bit draining.  What I really wanted to do was take some time to just relax and not focus on work at all... so every morning I spent 10 minutes reading The Silent Girls (fun read by the way!) before booting up my laptop.  Totally unrelated to the work I had to get done, but that simple break BEFORE left me feeling a deep sense of ease and full of joy.


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