100 Burpee & Sun Salutation Challenge

Today is DAY ONE of the 100 Burpee and Sun Salutation Challenge.   Yes - you read that right!Everyday for 100 days, increment each exercise by 1 over the day before; by day 100, we'll be completing 100 burpees and 100 sun salutations.

Not sure how to do a burpee or sun salute?  Watch my brief how-to video now:

Burpees and sun salutes are a great workout for your triceps, biceps, pecs, glutes, AND core!  And, as we get up in numbers, you'll be getting a great cardio workout too! 

To modify, complete burpee pushups on your knees instead of with legs extended straight out.  For sun salutations, step back and forward instead of jumping and release down to knees, chest, and chin instead of chaturanga (low plank).

Worried you won't be able to keep up?  Here are some tips for success with this challenge:

  • If you miss a day, just add your numbers to the following day.  No sweat!  As we get up in numbers, you can split missed days between multiple days if you need to.
  • Find a partner!
  • Do the exercises at the same time and place everyday - create a HABIT.
  • Follow me on Facebook so we can complete the challenge together!

100 days will be over before you know it!

Commit TODAY!