At last… a proven system to create a balanced life, without having to quit your job or move to a desert island.


Do you…

➢ Wear “busy” like a badge of honor, but behind closed doors you’re drowning in overwhelm and exhaustion?

➢ Struggle to balance your overachiever work ethic with all the things that really matter to you – your family, your friends, & your health?

➢ Feel weighed down by the guilt of not being or doing enough, even though you know you’re doing everything you possibly can?

➢ Worry that if you “take your foot off the pedal” you’ll be (unfairly) judged by your boss and your peers?

➢ Wish you made more time for your family and friends, but somehow feel totally distracted when you’re with them?

➢ Suffer from "super bitch" mode level stress and find yourself taking it out on all the wrong people

➢ Forget when the last time you actually did something for YOURSELF was (because it was forever ago)?

➢ Desperately need BALANCE but have no clue how to get there?


I have good news for you: Balance CAN exist.

It is possible to leave work at work and not feel like you’re failing.

It is possible to be fully present for your family and friends.

It is possible to make taking time for yourself simple and guilt-free.

It is possible to get more done in less time without burning out.

It is possible to make a few simple shifts to massively reduce your stress.

(and it’s not really that hard…)


How do I know this?

Because I created balance for myself.

When I was at my absolute lowest – burnt out from 80 hour work weeks, struggling in a failing relationship, so stressed that I was ready to rip anyone’s head off that got in my way, weighed down by the guilt of not being enough...


I was afraid the stress and anxiety would land me in the hospital. 

I was terrified that my husband would leave me and I’d be all alone.

I was tired of feeling like total shit and being a total bitch.

There was no one decisive moment where I knew things needed to change. 


I JUST KNEW I couldn’t go on living this way...
But I also doubted that balance could exist.  


When I looked around at the other women I knew, they were all either opting in or opting out.  (the stats don’t lie… while the number of women matches men at entry level positions, only 10-20% of senior level positions are held by women )


There was no in between.


That just wasn’t going to work for me.  I wanted a career.  I wanted to be known for something.   But I also wanted a happy marriage and a nurtured, healthy body.  I wanted to smile more often than I scowled and lift people up more often than I was tearing them down.


In our competitive working world, where women are vastly outnumbered by the "old boys club" and where companies are still straddling the line between the outdated office face-time model and the "new" rules of the digital age, it might seem like a tall order… but I’ve created that for myself.



Through a process of major self-discovery spanning over 5 years, including 1-1 work with some of the best coaches in the industry, reading 100s of “self-help books”, and investing in multiple training programs with leading coaching and lifestyle experts, I've learned how to balance a demanding career with a killer social life and an amazing marriage, all while stressing less and focusing on my health more.


So, I can tell you with 100%
certainty That balance is possible.


And it isn’t just possible for me – it’s possible for you, too… and I want to show you how (in way less time). 


I’ve packed everything I’ve learned that works for creating balance into my signature 8-week program:



From Burnt Out to Balanced



In this program, you’ll get all the tools and support you need to sustain a successful career while creating balance in your life including: 

✔ One on one guidance from someone who has been exactly where you are (and has come out the other side) so that you’ll never feel judged or misunderstood

✔ 8 weekly sessions (50 minutes each via phone) of 1:1 coaching so that you’ll have time to go deep, implement what you’ve learned, and get all your questions answered

✔ 24/7 email support throughout the entire program so that you'll never be alone in your journey

✔ Access to all my tried-and-true resources, worksheets, and exercises so that you can refer back to the content at any time if your balance starts to waver


What we’ll cover:

✓  Leaving work at the door (for good!)

✓  Productivity boosters & time management tips to help
     you get more done in less time

✓  Understanding your unique stress triggers & turning them off

✓  How to ask for help without feeling like you're failing

✓  Learning how to gracefully say ‘no’

✓  The “secret” stress management strategies
      that leaders use

✓  Why taking time off will actually help your career

✓  Dropping the Guilt. Period.

✓  Silencing Your Self-Doubt (aka your inner critic)

✓  How to put you first without feeling selfish

✓  Moving forward with intention

✓  Simple & actionable self-care strategies
     (low input, big impact)

✓  What & when to eat for max energy & stress management

✓  Ditching negative coworkers & gossip girls

✓  Mindfulness practices for busy women


Are you ready to take this to the next level?


Work with me One-on-One


$899 (paid in full) -or- 2 monthly payments of $499


I want your investment in yourself to be an easy “YES”, so let’s get on a call where I can give you all the details and answer all your questions to decide if this is the best program for you.  Book a complimentary consultation now >>>

Here's what my clients are saying...

I was at a crossroads and was struggling to find support professionally and personally. Stephanie helped me to analyze, acknowledge and take action on how toxic my work environment was. My former self would have kept plowing along & not admitted that things needed to change. The toxicity was bleeding into my life and I have finally been able to make a solid effort to reduce it and create some real balance.
Stephanie is relatable and is not afraid to make the sessions personal. Stephanie understood me, she connected with me, and she was there to guide me. 
-Julia K., Manager, Gnotobiotics and Specialized Services

Before working with Stephanie, I had devolved into a person that I almost didn't recognize. Four years out of college I had worked myself into a pulp trying to put out the best product, please the most people, and learn as much as I could to progress within my career. I basically cast my health (both physical and mental) aside for the pursuit of career advancement, money, financial stability, and greatness.

Stephanie made me feel better about myself in just a few sessions and it gave my self-confidence a push in the positive direction at a time when I really needed it. 

I really enjoyed Stephanie’s focus on being a successful professional woman. While inequalities may not always be stereotypical or obvious, it is SO different being a woman in the workplace. I liked knowing that I wasn't alone on my quest to kick life's ass while being a woman.

-Samantha S., Environmental Engineer

What would it feel like to...

➢ Stop feeling constantly overwhelmed & guiltlessly enjoy your time off with your family and friends?
➢ How would your life be different if you could actually slow down long enough to take care of yourself
➢ How would it feel like to have the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders?

I want that for you.  Do you want it, too? 


If you do, From Burnt Out To Balanced might be for you.  Schedule your complimentary call now to find out >>>




  • How to beat burnout before it starts so you can massively reduce stress and anxiety

  • How to boost your productivity and effectively manage your time so you can work less and get more done

  • How to drop the guilt around not being and doing enough so you can show up fully present for family and friends

  • How to implement effortless self-care strategies so you look and feel amazing

And so much more!



What you need to know:

Just between us, there's a few things I want to make absolutely clear.

➢ Balance IS possible and it’s possible for you.

➢ Coaching IS NOT about admitting defeat; it’s about going deeper, upping your game, and taking control back. 

➢ I’m not into quick fixes or a one-size-fits-all approach.  Each program is uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.

➢ Learning everything I have about creating a balanced life took me 5 years.  Do you have that much time to wait?  I’m here to shorten the learning curve for you. 

➢ If you don’t make a change, your life is not going to get any better.  And I’ve created the perfect system to help you make this happen… fast.  What I’m offering you is a chance to make a sustainable and impactful change in your life.  I’m here to share my guidance and expertise with you every step of the way.

➢ I only offer the program to women who I think will really benefit from it.  If you think that woman might be you, I invite you to join me on a complimentary call.

Stephanie does a great job of putting situations into perspective—she’s able to clarify what the actual situation is and compare it to other situations so you can see how they relate. Having this new perspective, I’ve been able to change my attitude and reactions to certain things—I’m now in control and don’t allow others dictate how I feel in a particular situation—and it feels great to be in this position, like a weight has been lifted off of me.
Stephanie listens well and accepts you for who you are. She’s open minded, makes no judgment, offers the best guidance, and the goals she helps you set are totally doable if you’re willing to change.
 - Caitlin T.

Before working with Stephanie, I was struggling to find time to do things in my personal life and struggling to feel positive. I needed to work out a schedule that focused on my hobbies and interests and needed to be mindful about being more positive and grateful. And that’s exactly what Stephanie helped me find and achieve.
Stephanie is positive and realistic, gives you achievable goals, listens, and is always there to offer guidance. She also offers lots of great tips and has helped me see the bigger picture and how it all fits together. I love the accountability and customized approach she gives, and I now know that I can do the things I want to do.
- Sarah B., Environmental Engineer